A few simple web/desktop apps...

...that I've made while teaching myself a little JavaScript, and, more recently, learning Java

If you have any requests for a simple web/desktop tool, or debugging /additional features for my existing apps, feel free to drop suggestions in the "Leave a Reply" box on on this page of my other site.

NotAgain  Java program to alert Wordle players if they're about to waste a guess on a previous solution.
New version, further improving feedback to user, uploaded 19 May 2022

FindFileOrFolder Problems with file search on your system? This simple searcher might help.

Divvier (latest version, which can be executed after downloading on Java-enabled devices)

Web version (early development, processes sets of 4 or 5 input numbers only)
[& Alternative web version with dynamic input fields]

This is an odd little one, prompted by some head-scratching over how to take as near as possible to half from five pieces of frozen foodstuff of unequal size :p   There are probably equivalent or better tools out there, but I couldn't come up with sufficiently specific search phrasings to find them!

Colour Pulser     [& Version with undifferentiated stop buttons]

Colour Player     [This blog post describes how the app can be used to experience a striking aspect of colour perception]

There are many colour display tools already out there, most a lot more sophisticated than the above, but on the off-chance that these combinatons of features are of use to anyone, I've foisted them on some poor server somewhere.

Random Player   (Java; added a button to enable/disable inclusion of files in subfolders 24 Oct 2018)
Opens files at random in a target folder – useful for playing e.g. random video files if you don’t have a player with this feature

Line Number Stripper   (Java; added a feature 16 Oct 2016)

DeSpoiler   (Java; 22 Dec 2016)

BulletExtractor   (Java; 27 Aug 2017)

Game score tallier for the distractable   (Last tweaked Sept 2016)

DNA base count   Just an exercise to perform a tiny subset of what hundreds of elaborate online sequence tools have been doing for decades, though it could be handy for removing spaces from texts/strings and viewing them in lines of 50 characters width, if you have a random need for such things...

Calculate length of input string and display first X characters   Does what it says on the tin. That's all, folks.

Calculate mean of two input numbers   Of sentimental value only. Nothing to see here; move along, please...

In progress: GoldGrab (Java; no instructions yet)

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