Small program to open/execute/play random items from a designated folder or folders. If the items are audio or video files, these will play in their default player. To help minimise the possibility of opening system files, 'hidden' files are not included. A text file called lastAddress is made to remember the last folder address used.

Clicking the "Don't repeat files" button prevents any files being visited more than once from that point forward. This also toggles the button to an option for excluding all files visited since the start of the session. The final option is to revert to allowing all files to be played/replayed again.

Clicking the "Include subdirectories" button allows files from any subfolders in the target folder to be included, then clicking again (button now says "Do not include subdirectories") reverts to excluding them. (Feature added over a year after the last version was uploaded, after seeing the relative convenience of Java 8's Files.walk(...) method :)

Features that could be added include an options to specify file-types etc.

The app can be executed on Java-enabled devices by downloading and extracting from the zipped folder at...