A simple desktop Java app to automate removal of those pesky "true"/"false" comments in code.

You know the drill...Your coding textbook presents a series of statements which each return a boolean to a printer (print "true" or "false"). You'd like to paste them into a program and predict the results before running and maybe modifying, but the book authors, in their wisdom, have already added the true/false result as a comment right beside - spoilers! If you can avert your eyes from these long enough to copy&paste the lines into the DeSpoiler, a press of the button will change the comments to show both words so you can delete one, without being tipped-off, to record your prediction.

On the off-chance that this Java desktop app is of some use to someone, it can be executed after downloading on Java-enabled devices by clicking


- just paste your code in the app window and click on the De-spoil button above it.