FindFileOrFolder - known issues

--User experience: doc/docx files that have target text in tables do not appear in results.
--Cause: Apache POI methods used so far do not read inside this formatting?
--Plans to improve behaviour: May investigate further and add code to do it if not extensive. (In addition, support for text-containing file types not currently supported, e.g. ppt/pptx, pdf, may be added.)

--(User experience: Searches with search-in-subfolders enabled from some start paths near the root, e.g. C:\Users, and even C:\Users\[my user name]\Documents on my system, terminate prematurely. However, though the user does not receive feedback and may not realise that not all files which should be found are, the program does not crash and will respond normally to a 'regular' subsequent search.
--Cause: AccessDeniedException thrown due to denial of access to some folders.
--Plan to improve behaviour: Might not be able to handle this from Files.find(...), as used currently, or Files.walk(...) - might try at some point to instead use walkFileTree + FileVisitor. (Also, I now realise this affects my RandomPlayer program, in which the user sees it freeze).

--User experience: Searches with v7 of program and later having search-within-files enabled may take a long time.
--Cause: One possible contributer may be that many files are encountered which have .doc(or perhaps.docx) extension but are not actually of this file type or are in some way corrupted. (Apache POI code that I integrated to read these files then throws exceptions, which I have handled, but add to processing time(?)
--Plans to improve behaviour: At some point might... Look for a way to determine actual file type rather than just parsing extension before sending to Apache POI code? Perhaps use walkFileTree + FileVisitor instead of Files.find(...) to skip _vti_cnf folders? *Check boxes might be especially useful to allow allow user choose search-within only some of the supported file types. (+See Notes 1 and 2 in source code file comments)

--User experience: Sometimes a given search takes ~10x or more longer than it does if executed subsequently once or repeatedly (on my system). Also, the GUI may take a long time to open sometimes.
--Cause: I do not yet know.
--Plans to improve behaviour: Trying to characterise the circumstances under which this happens etc...

--User experience: does not search within open files.
--Cause: [to be added when I remember]
--Plans to improve behaviour: May investigate whether this can be easily changed, but not currently a priority. (In addition, support for text-containing file types not currently supported, e.g. ppt/pptx, pdf, may be added.)